MSN Music

posted @ Tuesday, October 12, 2004 1:36 AM


I've been playing around with MSN Music recently and after downloading about 8 songs I have to say I'm pretty impressed. Nothing too heavy duty to download (a little ActiveX control), this beats both Musicmatch and iTunes out of the water. The UI for Musicmatch is so slow I was forced to uninstall it after about 10 minutes of usage (painful comes to mind). iTunes has a slightly better response rate in terms of UI however I simply wasn't that impressed with their product. The fact that iTunes requires a 19.6 MB download is a little discouraging to begin with. The fact that I had difficulty finding some of the songs I was looking for didn't help matters either. If you haven't tried MSN Music I highly recommend you check it out, if even integrates well with .NET Passport.