Great Weekend

posted @ Monday, November 8, 2004 9:05 PM


Well, I had a great weekend, I went up and tailgated with Heath and his wife who I hadn't seen since they moved away to Redmond, the weather outside was excellent for such an event. We went up to tailgate for the Iowa State vs. Nebraska football game in Ames. Now Nebraska has always been known for dominating the college football scene but ever since Tom Osborne left their coaching staff Nebraska hasn't been the same. Iowa State came out and strong and won the game 34 - 27. It's funny what can happen during tailgating; someone even attempted to speak in Unicode (that's correct, speaking Unicode - you know who you are;-)). All in all, we had a blast and then Megan joined us for dinner later on that night. Glad they were able to come back for such a great occasion.