Linked on MSDN

posted @ Friday, December 31, 2004 4:23 PM


The other day I was playing with Google and did a check to see who is linking to me (this can be done by typing link:[yoursitehere] in Google) and I noticed that MSDN is linking to my blog in their Visual C# Developer Center page! Wow, that’s was amazing, and then I noticed that a good friend and former coworker of mine noticed (okay, I told him about it) and has posted about it on his blog. I feel compelled to create a trackback. To add, for those of you that have followed my posts where I have been using dynamically typed languages with .NET (i.e., IronPython), my first post in the new year will show an example of using Ruby with .NET, oh the fun, I can hardly wait! Wishing everyone a happy new year.