Dealing with the phone company

posted @ Tuesday, March 22, 2005 9:56 PM


So I went to check out my phone bill online tonight and noticed an additional charge of $18.95 and the detail line was for MSN. I decide to call up Qwest to discuss the charge and while I am waiting on hold I decide to check my bill from the previous month. Interestingly enough there was an identical charge for MSN of $18.95. I quickly decided to check my January bill, which was clear of any erroneous charges. Side note - I've never used MSN before at all. I recently signed up for the AutoPay feature on the Qwest website and "accidentally" forgot to check my February bill - my mistake.

Once I am able to talk to a Qwest representative they confirm that they are not in fact charging me for the service and it is MSN issuing the charge (duh!). The representative told me I would need to contact MSN to discuss this issue because Qwest is not able to remove the charge. She then proceeded to give me the MSN number which I dialed promptly. The MSN representative could not find an account that was assigned to me and proceeded to tell me that I needed to call Qwest back and have them do a three-way phone call with MSN to 'dispute' these charges. I asked why we couldn't just do the three-way call now since I already had MSN on the line; they said there weren't 'able' to do that - whatever.

Now I called Qwest back, gave them the MSN number to call and we suddenly found ourselves in a three-way phone conversation in which I had to explain myself for the third time. Finally, after 60 minutes and three different phone conversations with two different companies my account is credited. I've learned to watch automatic online billing a little closer, has anyone else had problems with this type of thing?