June 2005 Entries

XP Themes Issue


Yesterday I was working on an internal tool that contains several controls, one being a TreeView control. I noticed that my images for each node within my TreeView weren't showing up. As it turns out, there is an issue with calling Application.EnableVisualStyles() in 1.1 of the .NET Framework that causes TreeNode images to not display. To work around this, you can call Application.DoEvents() to process all Windows messages that are in queue before the instance of your application is invoked. Luckily, this has been fixed in 2.0.

Dev Con 2005


Dev Con 2005 is now over and as a whole my presentations went well. Unfortunately when we were in Minneapolis my last demo didn't work properly, specifically where I detailed the ClickOnce API in an auto update scenario. The ClickOnce team is aware of the issue, which will of course be resolved prior to RTM. The problem was a missing “.application” MIME file type under the HTTP Headers tab within the root of IIS. Thus, the subsequent request for the deployment manifest causes an error. I was able to get this fixed prior to our presentation in Omaha. I hope to post my slides soon for those interested. I had a great time hanging out with all the speakers, Rocky even told us about a little tool to control how your CPU is being utilized, very helpful when presenting.



PatternShare is a nice collection of enterprise patterns from various authors within the software community. You are able to view the data from many different perspectives, for example, this provides an interesting layout of all their patterns.