Language Shops

posted @ Wednesday, July 13, 2005 1:44 AM


Language shops, we've all heard of them, this company only writes applications in language X, Y or Z, maybe you even work for one. Typically the language of choice has a large following, be it VB, C++ or Java. The reasoning behind this is purely financial, usually. With a large following it is much easier to locate developers, typically at lower rates, especially if the market is saturated with developers of language X, Y, or Z. I completely agree with Matt in that, if you hire people that are smart enough to learn a new technology, you don't necessarily have to worry as much about hiring people that already know a specific technology. That said, I still don't think I will be seeing an insurance application written on Ruby anytime soon. Not that I am against it, but it would be rather presumptuous to assume you can convince a company to make a language change purely based on the “fact” that it's a “better” language, without the company considering the learning curve required for all of their existing employees and the price of hiring development staff in the future to support that language. While actions like this continue to occur, sites like Orbitz and Yahoo! Store are written in Lisp - interesting. What do you think?