August 2005 Entries

Shell Extension for MSBuild


I really enjoy having the shell extension for NAnt; I can quickly right-click on my build file without directly navigating to a command prompt. For the client I have been working with recently, we are using Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2, enter MSBuild. MSBuild is a great tool, but I discovered they don't already have a context menu for their .*proj files. Adding the following entries to the registry will give you a right click menu to launch MSBuild for any of the .*proj files:

  • Navigate to HKEY\CLASSES\ROOT\*
  • Add a new key called “shell“ if it doesn't already exist.
  • Add a key below “shell“ and title it “Run with MSBuild“
  • Add a key below “Run with MSBuild“ called “command“
  • Edit the default value for “command“ to be the following:
    cmd /k ""C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\bin\vcvars32.bat"" && msbuild

Agile Development at Microsoft for CMMI


This article, which was presented at the Agile Conference in 2005, and came across the scrum development mailing list recently. It discusses how Microsoft followed the teachings of W. Edward Deming in reworking the MSF for CMMI, in particular Deming's 14 points of management which align with several agile thought processes. An interesting read, but I am curious, how many of you are going through the CMMI process?

Thoughts on IE7 Beta 1


I downloaded IE7 Beta 1 yesterday to see what the IE team has been up to. Currently I have mixed feeling about the product, but because it's only a beta product, time will only tell what will become of it. Initially it provides a feel similar to that of Firefox, in particular with its toolbar search built into the upper right hand corner of the window. IE7 now has tabbed support, something IE has been missing for a long time. Intregrated RSS support is also included. Two thumbs up so far.

I came across two "downsides" to this beta product so far. Any links that are stored in the links folder when displayed as a toolbar have a predetermined button width, this is different from IE6. The problem is, I have some links that have only a few characters, such as "Email"; however the button takes up 2 1/2 times the length of the text, which means I am limited in the number of button links the toolbar can display, all remaining links become hidden and are displayed through the standard drop down menu.

The other issue I am seeing is the address bar and search bar are in a fixed position at the top of the window. While other toolbars such as the menu, links, and standard buttons can be freely moved around, the address and search bar can't. Neither of these “issues“ are showstoppers, however I am curious if things of this nature bother anyone else. It will be interesting to see what changes are introduced when IE7 goes RTM. What are your feelings?