November 2005 Entries

RSS Client


Several people have asked what RSS client I use. After trying several different readers including Omea Reader, Google Reader, and RSS Bandit to name a few, I've settled on RSS Popper. RSS Popper integrates into Microsoft Outlook and is completely free. What reader do you use?

Scrum Plug-in for VSTS


Conchango has developed a Scrum plugin for Visual Studio Team System. This is definitely worth checking out and just goes to show how extensible the new Visual Studio environment is.

PDC 2005 Sessions


In case you weren't able to attend the PDC this year, you have two options for viewing the content. First, you can purchase the sessions on DVD for $499.00 or, you can download any of the sessions and watch them on your computer for free. It's hard to beat the free option, check it out here.

Google Analytics


Google Analytics is a free tool to keep track of metrics for your web site. This is definitely a great way to get quick feedback regarding your site. The underlying service comes from Urchin, a web analytics company purchased by Google this past March. I wonder if we will see a web metrics tool from Microsoft anytime soon?

Difficult Code to Test


In preparing for the December presentation on Test Driven Development for the Iowa .NET User Group, I would like to get a little feedback relative to your current testing environment. Specifically, what type of code do you find most difficult to test? Please feel free to leave feedback and I will try to address these issues during the presentation.