January 2006 Entries



For those of you using CruiseControl.NET, and in particular the CCTray tool, here is a great link for audio sounds for your various build results. Does anyone have any favorites?

Upgrading to Community Server


Yesterday I decided to move the blog from a modified version of .Text to Community Server 1.1. While it has taken a little while getting used to the new back-end administration, I think the move was good. Sorry to those that were flooded with posts yesterday, I should have setup a temporary redirect to a static RSS feed in hindsight. The structure of Community Server is quite a bit different, so for those considering a move to CS, I would recommend using Ken Robertson's SiteUrls generator (to setup a single blog) and Kevin Harder's conversion utility to import your previous posts/comments from .Text to CS.

MVP Award


I was just notified that I have been selected for the Microsoft MVP Award in Visual C# from Microsoft for 2006. This is a great experience; I had a great time at the MVP Global Summit this past year and am looking forward to making the trip this year. Unfortunately, Rafael Munoz (the MVP Lead) doesn't have a blog (Rafael - you need a blog <g>) , but I would like to thank him for all the support he has given throughout the past year.

Potential of Canvas


Apple’s Safari browser as well as Firefox 1.5 now support the <canvas> element which can be used to create 2 dimensional drawings. While IE 6 doesn’t currently support it, and I haven’t tested it yet on IE 7 Beta, I’m curious about it’s potential, relative to the Web 2.0. Obviously, if all major browsers were to support the <canvas> element, the potential is there for a lot of opportunities. For example, while I can’t imagine writing by hand the javascript to create a business report (sounds a little too repetitive), I could see a tool or library that would allow you to define a report that could be dynamically created on a <canvas> element which could receive data via AJAX. Unfortunately the <canvas> specification doesn't contain any functions to draw text. What are your thoughts?

AJAX Search


I decided to update my search by adding a little AJAX support via Michael Schwarz’s Ajax.NET library. When implementing the Ajax.NET library within a user control, I found that the suggested method of registering you class with the library in the Load event doesn’t work properly. While the library does emit the Javascript references to the HTTP handler (the purpose of registering your class with the library), invoking a call to the proxy didn’t work correctly. This only appeared to be an issue with user controls, regular .aspx pages work correctly. By directly including the two references to the handler within the HTML of the user control everything worked fine.