Potential of Canvas

posted @ Monday, January 2, 2006 1:27 AM


Apple’s Safari browser as well as Firefox 1.5 now support the <canvas> element which can be used to create 2 dimensional drawings. While IE 6 doesn’t currently support it, and I haven’t tested it yet on IE 7 Beta, I’m curious about it’s potential, relative to the Web 2.0. Obviously, if all major browsers were to support the <canvas> element, the potential is there for a lot of opportunities. For example, while I can’t imagine writing by hand the javascript to create a business report (sounds a little too repetitive), I could see a tool or library that would allow you to define a report that could be dynamically created on a <canvas> element which could receive data via AJAX. Unfortunately the <canvas> specification doesn't contain any functions to draw text. What are your thoughts?