Bored During Build Time?

posted @ Tuesday, July 25, 2006 5:27 PM


It's very important to keep your build time as short as possible, but everyone has to deal with it one way or another. If you enjoy anagrams, try next time you are waiting for your build process to complete. On a serious note, if your build time is extremely long (can you eat lunch during your build?) then the next step is to shorten your build time to increase the feedback loop within your development team. The longer your feedback loop is among the development team, the longer it will take to fix bugs when they are identified. A common area where this occurs is where integration tests are used within the smoke test suite. By the nature of integration tests, they tend to take much longer than simple unit tests. Integration tests require outside resources such as a network or database, all which take time to run - assuming they are all available during the run. Remember, if your unit test requires a network resource, file or database connection, it is not truely a unit test. There is nothing wrong with having these types of tests available to be run, however using those within a smoke testing suite can produce inconsistent results that may be misleading. Thoughts?