A Good Feeling

posted @ Tuesday, August 8, 2006 1:00 PM


Our team adopted a continuous integration server a little over a month ago and we have been very happy with the results since. We were using Visual Source Safe as our source repository and CC.NET for a continuous integration server. A special "builder" account was created in VSS for CC.NET to pull down the source for each project it had registered. Our projects are set to trigger within CC.NET every 15 minutes. Over time, as we added more projects, CC.NET would report a failed build sporadically. The build error alluded to a VSS user specific log file that was inaccessible during the period of time CC.NET would try to access the repository. This file was locked during a parallel/previous build by VSS - this is a known issue and has been discussed on the CC.NET forums. All-the-while, we continued to have various issues with VSS that would cause us to reboot the repository server from time to time - totally unacceptable in my eyes. It was time for a better source control system to step up to bat, welcome Subversion to the team. I have been using Subversion for a while for personal projects, but as of Friday last week we have migrated our repository from VSS and our entire team is now using Subversion. Our CC.NET is running much smoother now, in fact we haven't had any issues as of yet. We are using AnkhSVN for Visual Studio integration and TortoiseSVN for integration within the Windows shell. I can gladly say goodbye to pessimistic locking for good now.