Upgrading to Subtext

posted @ Saturday, January 27, 2007 3:20 PM


The other day I finally decided to replace CommunityServer with Subtext. After upgrading to CommunityServer from .Text a while ago, I found the user experience less than friendly. Subtext also is offering more features right now than CommunityServer such as cocomment and akismet support out of the box. Scott mentioned recently that CommunityServer is looking to potentially add cocomment support with the next release, I'd rather not wait. Blog spam is increasingly an issue, while I was working on the import process, I deleted 9,410 spam comments. Most importantly I now have the source code for my Subtext installation, which allowed me to easily modify the skin I am using to support an extended view of the archives. I tried to sync up the RSS syndication, so hopefully there wasn't a massive blast of previous posts.