Navigating Google Reader without a Mouse

posted @ Sunday, February 11, 2007 11:40 AM


I've been using Google Reader for a while now, and I love the fact that they support keyboard shortcuts so I can avoid using my mouse as I browse though my subscriptions. Until yesterday I only used the following shortcuts:
  • N - View the next post.
  • P - View the previous post.
  • M - Mark / Unmark a post as read.

Yesterday I decided to organize my subscriptions as my list was getting a little unruly and appeared cluttered when I would sign in. Google Reader supports tags/folders so I was able to cleanly organize my feeds. Now I was faced with using the mouse again to navigate between folders (yuck!). A little research on the Google Reader docs found these little gems:

  • G + L - Display a transparent window listing your tags/folders and allow you to select one via arrow keys or typing the first few letters of the folder name.
  • Shift + X - Expand / Collapse selected folder.
  • Shift + J - Move to next item in tree.
  • Shift + K - Move to previous item in tree.

If you haven't given Google Reader a try I would highly recommend it, I especially like that the mobile version will sync what I've read.