July 2007 Entries

IronRuby Emerges


So John Lam annouced the alpha release of IronRuby, he mentions that they did a lot of work on string and arrays, unfortunately, with the current release .NET types aren't able to execute Ruby mixins. I was hoping to do something like the following:

require 'mscorlib' 
require 'System, Version=, Culture=neutral,

list = System::Collections::ArrayList.new
list.extend Enumerable
list.each {|i| puts i.to_i}

The following code does execute:

require 'mscorlib'
require 'System, Version=, Culture=neutral,
require 'System.Drawing, Version=, Culture=neutral,
require 'System.Windows.Forms, Version=, Culture=neutral,

Application = System::Windows::Forms::Application
Form = System::Windows::Forms::Form
Button = System::Windows::Forms::Button
Point = System::Drawing::Point
Size = System::Drawing::Size
MessageBox = System::Windows::Forms::MessageBox
window = Form.new window.text = 'Testing IronRuby'
window.size = Size.new(250, 200)
button = Button.new
button.text = 'Click Me'
button.location = Point.new(75, 75)
button.click {|sender, e| MessageBox.show 'I was clicked'}

Of all the windowing toolkits I've seen for Ruby, the .NET Framework is the easiest to read for me, although I'm sure toolkits like Swiby will get noticed, especially due to it's DSL syntax which is the new hotness in the development world these days. Next up, extending the IronRuby Builtins.



This blog has been pretty quiet lately, what's going on, has Nick fallen asleep? Nope, I've just been busy wrapping a few things up. Most importantly, I got married on June 2nd, and we took a few weeks off to head down to Hawaii and relax. If you've never been, my recommendation is to skip Maui and head right for Kauai.

I will be presenting at the Cedar Rapids User Group on January 7, giving my presentation on Castle's MicroKernel/Windsor Container, so if you are interesting in hearing more about the light-weight IoC container come on out. My presentation starts with an introduction to the IoC concepts and progresses through extending the container via custom facilities.

Last but not least, last year my boss Eric Jacobs got Levi Rosol and I involved in the Ankeny Summerfest cardboard boat regatta. Last year we didn't quiet make it too far past the starting line, however we took notes and gave it another attempt this past weekend. Results - Success, we made it down and back without sinking, a major step forward. Next year I plan to build a boat that will last longer than a single run, however we will do it in Eric's style by only beginning the construction two nights in advance. :-) My wife recorded the event, take a look: