Happy New Year

posted @ Tuesday, January 1, 2008 9:21 PM


Happy New Year everyone! I've been having some issues with my server recently, so if this post makes it out there all the better. I just received notification from Microsoft this morning that I have received my MVP award for 2008. I look forward to seeing everyone up in Seattle this coming April. I am planning on blogging more this year. We have been absurdly busy at work, but there are a lot of little nuggets I am looking forward to sharing. Until next time...

Javier Lozano - 1/4/2008 5:58 PM
# re: Happy New Year
Congrats, Nick! Yes, the MVP Summit will be a good time!
Jon von Gillern - 1/23/2008 9:00 PM
# re: Happy New Year
Coffee theme? Really? Don't tell me you're going to become a J# developer ;)
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