February 2008 Entries

Vibrant Ink for Visual Studio 2008


For those of you that enjoy the Vibrant Ink theme that was originally produced for Textmate, John Lam converted it to work under both Vim and Visual Studio 2005 a while back.  I've enjoyed that for both editors, however with Visual Studio 2008 out, we need to update.  I've updated the settings file to now work with Visual Studio 2008.  Feel free to download it here.

Code to Live Video from Tulsa TechFest


Jeffrey Palermo and I sat down with Chris Koenig while at Tulsa TechFest back in October to chat about the new ASP.NET MVC stack.  Josh Holmes just published an extract of our conversation out on Channel 9 here.  This was recorded back in October, right after the ASP.NET MVC stack was first made public by Scott Guthrie down at the ALT.NET conference in Austin, TX.  We discussed other things such as the open source movement and it's relationship to the Java counterpart but they didn't make the cut in the editing room.  You can watch the video directly here.  Have you played with the new MVC stack yet, if so what do you think?