Adding Visual Studio .NET 2003 Support for NAnt


Ok, I spent a little time yesterday working on this so I thought I'd post it for future reference and to share. You can add support for NAnt build scripts within Visual Studio .NET 2003 with 4 steps. First, you need to create a template file that will be loaded every time you add an item through Visual Studio .NET. Something like the following will work well, remember to reference the schema. <project xmlns="" default="build"></project> Save this file to the following directory: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 \VC#\CSharpProjectItems Now we need to create a .vsdir file so Visual Studio .NET...

Automated Build


Do you have an automated build system in place for your development? This morning I came in, ran my NAnt script which cleaned my Build directory out, built every project within my solution, copied over the .exe's, .dll's, .config's, .xml's and .manifest files, then it subsequently invoked my WiX script that built a complete MSI installer package, including the web service deployment. Wow, all this and I haven't even had my coffee for the day.