Vimperator Tip - awesome bar


I just wanted to share a quick vimperator tip. You can get the awesome bar style hints by adding the following two commands to your _vimperatorrc file: :set wildoptions=auto :set cpt=l

Extended Gmail Keyboard Support


I love the keyboard shortcuts in Gmail, however there were several shortcuts that were missing that keep me from truly navigating Gmail without a mouse. With this greasemonkey script I no longer need my mouse. I can do things such as: Shift + x + u - Select all unread items. g + label name - Navigate to a label. l + label name - Apply a label to an email. / to perform a search. t - trash a conversation. Pressing h will display a help screen to show all of the options, which is displayed using the same Quicksilver style window that...

Navigating Google Reader without a Mouse


I've been using Google Reader for a while now, and I love the fact that they support keyboard shortcuts so I can avoid using my mouse as I browse though my subscriptions. Until yesterday I only used the following shortcuts: N - View the next post. P - View the previous post. M - Mark / Unmark a post as read. Yesterday I decided to organize my subscriptions as my list was getting a little unruly and appeared cluttered when I would sign in. Google Reader supports tags/folders so I was able to cleanly organize my feeds. Now I was faced...

MSBuild Context Menu Revisited


I mentioned in a previous post how to add a context menu for invoking MSBuild against any .*proj file. The only problem I had was I wasn't able to pass the file name to MSBuild, which would have typically been qualified with "%1" following the MSBuild command. When MSBuild is invoked and a file isn't passed to it, it searches the directory to find one. The problem is, if there are more than one .*proj files in the same directory, it doesn't know which file to run. To solve this, I moved the setting of the environment variables to the...