Vimperator Tip - awesome bar


I just wanted to share a quick vimperator tip. You can get the awesome bar style hints by adding the following two commands to your _vimperatorrc file: :set wildoptions=auto :set cpt=l

Vim + Firefox = Vimperator


Okay, so I've lamented about how I enjoy using Vim/gVim several times now. If you are still using notepad.exe as your text editor I strongly advise you to check out some of the other editors out on the market. Vim and Emacs tend to be near the top of the list, are full of features and are both extensible. The bottom line is that you need to find an editor, learn it and use it - it's that simple. In fact Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt discuss this in The Pragmatic Programmer. So, while I enjoy using the keystrokes within...

Vim Tip of the Day - File Explorer Navigation


I don't know how I didn't come across this before, but when using the file explorer built into Vim, you can tell Vim to automatically switch the working directory to the current file you are editing.  Normally in Vim if you performed a ":cd c:\projects\blah" and subsequently navigated three folders deeper to edit a file (say “c:\projects\blah\foo\bar\foobar\fun.cs”), then choose to go back into the file explorer from your current location by issuing ":e .", the "c:\projects\blah" will be listed, not exactly where you might expect to be.  If you edit your _vimrc file and put the following command in when...

TextMate for Windows


TextMate appears to be the de facto text editor for the Mac, it became extremely popular with the RoR crowd and has continued to grow. I had posted about Intype at the beginning of the year as it looked promising with it's template expansion support, however not much has happened with the product since then. I just came across E, a text editor for Windows that fully supports the bundle and command integration from TextMate. I really enjoy Vim, and I am used to the keyboard binds so this might be difficult to switch to, I'm going...

Vim Commands


The other day I mentioned there are a ton of keyboard commands within Vim. This can initially make usage difficult if you're not familiar with the bindings. I've put together a simple sheet of basic commands you can find here. If you know of a good command that you think belongs on this sheet let me know and I will add it.

Choosing a Text Editor


By and large I live in Visual Studio day in and day out. I picked up a copy of the Pragmatic Programmer back in 2000 and I continue to re-read it every so often, it’s a treasure trove of great information, I highly recommend it if you haven’t read through it before. One of the points Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt make in the book is to pick a text editor and know it well. The goal here is being proficient and learning the keyboard binding that your text editor provides can further improve your daily efficiency....