A Good Feeling


Our team adopted a continuous integration server a little over a month ago and we have been very happy with the results since. We were using Visual Source Safe as our source repository and CC.NET for a continuous integration server. A special "builder" account was created in VSS for CC.NET to pull down the source for each project it had registered. Our projects are set to trigger within CC.NET every 15 minutes. Over time, as we added more projects, CC.NET would report a failed build sporadically. The build error alluded to a VSS user specific...

Bored During Build Time?


It's very important to keep your build time as short as possible, but everyone has to deal with it one way or another. If you enjoy anagrams, try next time you are waiting for your build process to complete. On a serious note, if your build time is extremely long (can you eat lunch during your build?) then the next step is to shorten your build time to increase the feedback loop within your development team. The longer your feedback loop is among the development team, the longer it will take to fix bugs when they...



For anyone who has done Java development, you know the first-class tool support that IntelliJ provides for the Java developer. Luckily, JetBrains has entered the Microsoft space with the Visual Studio add-in for C# called ReSharper. This provides a multitude of productivity enhancing features for both C# and ASP.NET. JetBrains just announced a new product called TeamCity which is targeted at providing productivity enhancements to the development team as a whole. With features such as supporting continuous integration, delayed commit, build management, static code analysis and a web-based project dashboard it appears that Team System will...



For those of you using CruiseControl.NET, and in particular the CCTray tool, here is a great link for audio sounds for your various build results. Does anyone have any favorites?